Introduction to Weekly learnings

Abinav Ravi
Jan 1, 2022


In a previous blog post here, I had written that I would like to document my learnings somewhere and, I have chosen to document it here.

So what would the learnings section be about? It would mainly contain learnings from content that I consume podcasts, blogs, books, video content, and also from my work that I do which is not confidential and shareable. If you want to learn more about technical learnings please visit — My technical blog space

If you would like to join me in this journey and know what I learned or ponder about please give a follow (doesn’t cost you anything and I don't mean to put this behind the great medium paywall).

Welcome to this new journey of mine and hopefully, this helps you as well.

PS: Wish you a happy new year of 2022

Image Sources: Pexels