3 Challenges for a new year

2021 is coming to an end, It was bittersweet, I am more focused on work compared to the end of 2020 and doing well, learning on the job, and accomplishing tasks on time or before time. Time for a new year and a set of new challenges. I haven't set myself challenges for a long time but have written about what kind of challenges to choose here in this blog.

This time this writeup is different, Instead of vaguely listing out the challenges and goals that are meant for me, I am announcing that these will be my challenges for the year

  • Documentation
  • Reduction
  • Growth

According to Naval, Announcing something can lead to us maintaining a habit or starting an action since humans are animals that need social consistency.



The aim of this challenge is to create a repository of documentation around my learnings, and how I consume things.


I consume a lot of content and forget the lessons over a period of time, whether it is from books, podcasts, movies, or documentaries, or even youtube. Many abstract knowledge and Ideas have been lost and few have been discussed with people around me.


How do I plan to execute this? I plan to journal the learnings on a daily basis and Blog the learnings at the end of the week. These learnings may be some abstract concept or some book review or summary. I haven’t decided on the form of the content yet. But the discipline to put pen to paper every week is a goal.



To get in shape


I am not in the best shape and haven't been in shape for some time now, reasons and excuses are many for that. But I plan to change this in the coming year


For starters, I plan to cultivate healthier habits. I was in better shape 4 years ago compared to now. Last year I had some success in finding out what exercise forms I enjoyed pursuing and what not. Also figuring out my sleep requirement was a big success on what is the right amount of sleep for me to function without any form of caffeine and ensure that I don't need naps in the day.

I am already doing this on a smaller scale now with logging in my food and pursuing some activities which suit the weather. This will continue and we can check if the results are positive or not


If the above two are done then we can achieve and set up a system for achieving personal growth as well.

Until next time.



Engineer , Bibliophile, Cinephile and Cook.

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