Fizz of resolutions (2017)

Abinav Ravi
3 min readDec 27, 2017

The new can of soda is popped and the fizz slowly comes up and makes a crackling sound. After some time the sound subsides and then the gas fizzles out. This happens because, when packing the soda is filled along with carbon dioxide gas which is not in stable state when exposed to room temperature. So, the Carbon Dioxide gas gets released and hence the fizz.

Analogously, we can compare our new year resolutions to the Soda mentioned above. We make certain resolutions but hardly see them through. Like the Soda, we fizz out in a small period of time. We make resolutions to go to the gym, we even get a membership for a year and convince ourselves that this time we wouldn’t drop out from it. So why do we promise ourselves and take a step back? Aren’t we supposed to keep a promise to show credibility?

We do so because, we know that like carbon dioxide in soda adding new things to our existing regimen can change the equilibrium. But isn’t the carbon dioxide and the fizz that it creates responsible for the popularity and sales of Sodas? So how do we maintain the fizz in soda? We make sure that we don’t keep the bottle open for long. We limit the air contact with carbon dioxide which keeps the fizz intact.We also like our sodas cold any warm soda we know doesn’t have the fizz compared to its cold counterpart.

Similarly we need to ensure that the same happens to our life as well. We should keep the resolution cold and closed. It means that the resolution should be kept away from the ears of those who have been pulling us away from it in the past. We should keep doing things even if it tires us and keep going until the year isn’t done similar to how the gas doesn’t fizzle out until you finish the drink and then burp later.

Personal challenges are important to improve ourselves. They provide a change from everyday life thus keeping us interested in the long marathon of life.

  • A challenge for the brain: I would suggest that taking some kind of reading is a good development exercise for the brain. Join Goodreads and take their book challenge 2017 where you can maintain a list of books that you have read while completing the challenge. After the challenge, you would find yourself better informed than the previous years.
  • A challenge for the body: Any challenge that makes you feel good and keep fit is a good one. Mostly this is where people fail and those who cross the initial period reap the benefits. A good body is a pre-requisite for a clear mind.
  • A challenge for the workplace: This is a long-term development goal and just doesn’t yield fast enough. Try learning something which will help you in the long run. It can be writing a small snippet of code or even taking a university course online. Choose the challenge wisely such that it supports your long term goal.

Challenging self in at least one of the three above mentioned methods and completing the challenge increases the learning curve exponentially thus making us more probable in the race for survival of the fittest.

Wishing you a prosperous year ahead.