Toilet paper and Cold Weather -2

Abinav Ravi
2 min readMar 1, 2022

Last time I waxed lyrical about the thing that I miss the most in my life abroad, The bum gun. This week I will talk about the second thing that I miss the most Sun.

When an item is available in abundance cherishing it becomes a task. This was the case with Sun and for me. Now that I wait for the spring and summer to get good sun and the warmth that comes with it. Some activities are always put on hold because we can't do it in the winter like long cycling trips, running etc these might be my excuses but for a person who has grown up with winter at 20 degrees the German winter is too cold.

Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash

I have become a rat in a hole in the winter coming out only to purchase groceries or the occasional eating out with friends. With the pandemic raging in the winter with its numerous variants and varieties over the last two years even that has now been just limited to grocery trips and the norm is to stay home and stay safe.

As a result of this, I don't get enough sun and the warmth I get is from the heater in the room. Nothing matches the heat that you can get from the sun, the energy that it can give and take depending on the time you get exposed to it.

So if there are any lessons that need to be taken away from the rant it is that understand the importance of small things in life. The big things like food and lifestyle is definitely a disruptor when moving abroad for chasing your goals in life. But cherish the small things you take for granted.