I failed #100DaysOfCode

Abinav Ravi
2 min readMar 19, 2022

So in 2022 in an attempt to increase my technical prowess and improve and learn about new technologies I started with #100DaysOfCode which is a project where the challenger programs for 1 hour a day for 100 days. I modified this plan to suit my needs since I do programming for a living doing it much more was not in my interest and I wanted to learn more concepts and implement them whenever possible (weekends).

Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

The plan was to learn Rust programming language and do some project in web development and also use it for web3 projects. But I failed miserably.

These are the reasons why I failed

  • I started with a lot of hope and not programming for one hour meant that I was reading theory most times. The theoretical part of computer science can be boring and was boring in my case. So the next time for the challenge to be successful I will have to sit down and write at least some piece of code on all days.
  • Lack of a clear plan: There was no clear plan or a goal on my part I was doing this as I had some free time in my day. As my time got occupied with something of higher priority I stopped taking this challenge seriously. The next time there is a clear week by week plan then it becomes easier to execute the plan.
  • Vacation: I took a month's vacation in between and went home, this meant a lot of my time was spent chilling and worrying less about the challenge. I did the challenge the first 2–3 days in vacation but it seemed to me that I shouldn't be doing work especially when I am on vacation to relax and enjoy. So the next time it is important to find 100 days where there is very less disturbance and keep things in flow state.

What Next?

The next for me is to re begin the challenge again and this time craft it with better plan and timing. I feel that this time it will not be a let down for myself. I will keep a learning journal and convert them to a weekly blog post so that there is transparency among the community

What made me write the post?

The fact that I could have just started a new challenge didn't seem right to me. Transparency and acceptance of failure can keep us clean and honest. If I tell the world that I have failed once, this post is on the internet would make sure that I will not fail my next challenge in a similar fashion without any accountability.

So see you in the next challenge of #100DaysOfCode which I believe will start sooner than later