Honest Indian Talent shows

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  • Contestants
  • Hosts
  • Special Guests


Judges are an important part of these shows, they contribute to the culture and their word is considered as the word of god, sometimes the judges disagree but mostly this is staged and promos build up drawing feeble people to view this fight in the episode thereby garnering more views. In the youtube world this is called clickbait since you are not clicking but choosing to watch the content lets call this just the bait


The hosts of these shows generally tend to be people who have very good entertaining value, they can crack jokes, introduce people and induce emotion. The main job I would say for the host is to come up with puns, innuendos and linkups that people can buy as jokes and reality.


The contestants are of many types in the talent show, since most shows are reality-based (which means they lack reality for reality’s sake) the contestants are chosen to represent the diverse society they represent and not on the basis of talent alone. They are talented nevertheless.

Special Guests:

It is also not to be forgotten that these talent shows are a platform of marketing for the new films, series and songs of existing artists, sometimes an entire round is based on the special guests. These special rounds are meaningless in terms of competition if there was a competition at all in the first place.


These components come together to run a talent show, which in its true form acts as an audition stage for everyone involved whilst promoting cringe content across television channels. These shows keep the melodramatic flair of the Indian spirit alive and are very much a part of the cultural fabric.



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