Have you thought about what to do after financial freedom?

Abinav Ravi
2 min readFeb 9, 2024
Photo by Kashawn Hernandez on Unsplash

Recently I have been subjected to a lot of time on my hands and got to thinking. I was in a feeding frenzy of content which was geared toward gaining financial freedom and retiring. I have listened to numerous podcasts, and Instagram started feeding me similar reels that I now consider myself to be an armchair expert in ways to gain financial freedom.

What have I done about this? Honestly not a lot. While thinking about this I was asking myself the question of what would I do if I attain financial freedom? This is a very valid question since financial freedom gives one the ability to do anything in the world. What would be something that I would want to do when that day comes?

I asked this question to a couple of my friends and their answer was travelling around the world. I asked myself would I like to travel the world and the answer to that was sure I would like to but I would like to get back to home. Home is where my heart is. I like enjoying my vacation but how long can a vacation last before you get bored of it? I would like to take 20 days of vacation may be where I would potentially go out with my family and enjoy the time seeing different parts of the world.

The best way to enjoy time is to do something we love. That doesnt mean out drinking the liver capacity every single day. The right question to ask would be what would be something non harming to self or others that you cant do now and want to do after financial freedom? My answer is simple I would continue to do things that I like without time pressure. If I want to program I would for the fun of it and create some value, if I want to read I will do that and the aim is continue healthy habits of exercise and diet into post retirement as well. That is how boring my retired life would look like.

A small update this question of what would you do when you can do anything leads to bigger philosophical questions in life but its important to attain your material goals before asking yourself to have a philosophical exploration.