Do Internet Choices define our life?

Abinav Ravi
3 min readJan 23, 2022
Average social media uses at least 3–4 of the above 9 apps

The internet is an absolute democratic space. We have a lot of streams that we can choose and there is enough content in each stream that can last for a lifetime. Content creators keep creating content and people who consume it keep consuming it. Internet is also a place for Anonymous where the dark side of each person takes over. If you try to ponder over the activity of a person on Social Networks you'll get to know about their character. We all know some adults on the internet going gaga over something and crossing the line that is not possible in society and also we know about people who use the internet as a learning tool and come up on top.

Now, these are choices that each individual has to make and the best part is these choices are self-made. You have to make these invisible choices that will impact your life but there is no supervision or guidance associated with it. It really depends on what path we take in anonymity that can help us grow or not.

What are these choices and how can our real-life be affected?

We know people who make the wrong choices. We can choose to watch content that may vary from porn to history to technology on the internet and our interest really takes us places on what we do with the freedom granted. We may choose to take courses and learn our way up in the pyramid or we may choose to watch entertainment content or even worse (opinion videos). It depends on the amount of productive content that we consume and the non-productive content that our life changes.

Why is this important now in this decade?

With the increase in the number of internet-connected devices. Kids when attaining a stage of limb dexterity start accessing the internet. So it is very important to start defining your choices in order to affect the choices that the kid makes. It is important to make learning on the internet fun over other distractable content that they may have access to.

It is also important to maintain the balance between entertainment and learning. Using the internet for entertainment is not bad but too much entertainment might be bad in the longer run.

Good choice options

In this modern era no matter what you do some amount of computer literacy is important and if you are an engineer learning to program in at least one language is essential to do or progress. helps in the perspective.

Other options that I personally see

  • Great war — A series about history and happening of WW1
  • World War 2 — From the creators of world war a similar series but for world war 2
  • Veritasium
  • Numberphile

  • Computerphile
  • 3blue1brown
  • Ted-ED

and so many more channels that I am not aware of. So choose your poison wisely.