Cracking the Education System-2

Abinav Ravi
2 min readDec 27, 2017



When the child attains adolescence the first question popped in front of him is “so what next CA, Doctor or Engineer?”. Every single student experiences this dilemma in front of them and the problem is though the world is full of possibilities most of us have a vision that can see only these three choices.

Why only these 3 options?

India has been a poor country for a long period of time and everyone in the generation of 1980’s were trying to climb a step in social and economic ladder and the best formula available was to follow the professions of doctor , engineer or accountant as they made the most money.

Arts and science gave them jobs but they weren’t as lucrative as that of an accountant,Engineer or a doctor. But then it became an obsession that has snatched sleep from the eyes of many teenagers in the country. Competitive examinations became a battle that has taken its toll on almost everyone and people running away were seen as cowards.

Why such Competition?

There are only limited seats which reduce the probability of people getting in to a minor fraction as small as 0.002% yes you read it right some institutions of medicine take only that much only of the mass they face. The competition arises mostly as parents became obsessive with lucrative professions.

What happens to candidates who don’t get in?

This is a regular situation which the kid faces only some are brilliant, some are hard working but those who don’t have luck on their side they get into deemed universities or write another set of entrance exams for the state colleges or get in private colleges by paying some hefty amount. Many once they have found freedom at college and with no parents to keep vigil start enjoying technical education like high school and as a result we end up with a huge batch of half baked cookies who would be building stuff or prescribing medicines.

What can be done to avoid?

The natural suggestion would be to allow children to act on their wish but this is India and the societal pressure plays a huge role in choosing anything for one’s ward. There are a myriad of suggestions coming in from all sides some parents are brave and don’t budge but what about others they comply and the vicious cycle begin again.

The best solution that I could come up with is having regular aptitude tests for children and not testing them on basis of retention but on learning and what suits their aptitude. It will take a long time to implement but I feel it will still bring in factors quantitatively thus preventing pressure to the students to pursue something. But it may have a negative effect as well.

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