Cracking the Education System-1

Abinav Ravi
2 min readDec 27, 2017


Truth be told the education system in India has become a little outdated and cluttered with bad ideas and topics over the period of time. We are left in transition between the new and the old way of living so now we are confused .

Many people make a business out of the system and many make a living.I would like to pose some questions on the same.The education system in India is primarily divided into kindergarten, Primary school, high school and higher secondary after which comes university graduation and post graduation. Let me state some narrations in terms of a student, which describes the life at these institutions and pose my questions before the system.


” I am clueless on what is happening around here there, my mother has left me here and gone away even when I wanted to stay home and play. Who are these new kids who are crying. I need mom to be here. and this new lady is nice but isn’t always around me. They call her the teacher. God please save me from here”

Day 300:

” The miss is very nice at school and I have settled there for quite some time now, but I am not allowed to see TV at home nowadays like before. The teacher has given some work regarding a chart on Alphabets and mother is busy making it for me. I have little Idea as to why now I have to scream to grab attention of my mom. My grandfather says it is my education and he as usual tells me good stories but nowadays he is asking me to recite morals from previous night stories. I don’t remember anything from last night. I go to school only because I can play. I don’t understand why I can’t play at house. Mom keeps busy and so is everyone around me.”

From these narrations we can understand that kindergarten has now become a burden on parents. parents are given homework to build something which in most cases the child doesn’t have an idea what the parent is doing. Kindergarten has become similar to the corporate world of presentation type learning. At least in corporate the presenter has an idea of what the presentation is about.

This method of making charts has become a economical burden for parents. They will have to buy some chart every week and then glue to cut and paste pictures on chart. Most of the times in homes where both parents are working this chart work happens only after the child sleeps. So where is the learning? and the fate of these charts are as short lived as possible. They get discarded as soon as possible. My question is “Isn’t it resourceful on teachers part to use already available charts to teach the kids instead forcing parents to make one? Isn’t a lot of resources getting wasted like cardboard, paper glue etc?”

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