7 VSCode extensions to make development comfortable

Abinav Ravi
2 min readMay 6, 2022


The following extensions have made my development a lot easier, some of them are language-based extensions and some of them are language independent.

Photo by Mohammad Rahmani on Unsplash

Python and PyLance

Python and Pylance help a lot in IntelliSense, syntax highlighting etc. this has made developing things in python a lot simpler than it was already.

Autodocstring by Nils Werner

This is an extension that is quite important for writing professional code. Documentation is an essential part of the programming and development process and this extension helps in creating docstrings for functions and modules that help in the maintenance of the code and make it easily readable for everyone.


Blockman is a very visual tool that isolates blocks of code to focus on at one point in time. It is also a good indicator of any missing parenthesis or incompleteness when it comes to blocks of code. There are multiple levels of blocks which makes things easier to read

Rainbow CSV

If you deal with CSV files in everyday life this extension is a lifesaver. It colours each column in a colour and then presents the CSV in a neat and clean way to read.


Gitlens is exceptional when it comes to handling git operations. It has a great diff component that can help visualise the changes made and removed. It is also in very easy GUI for committing and pushing code but I would suggest not using that and using the command line as it is a good practice.


The docker extension from Microsoft is one of the best extensions that can help launch and sift through docker containers with ease.


This extension also is great for novice k8s users in order to go through logs, files etc. As experience is gained moving to the command line is more beneficial.

Hopefully, some of these extensions are useful for your workflow too. If you like such articles please give follow.